Recently many people
lost their jobs due to the pandemic,
leaving them to face hardship.

This is the time to help each other.
Perhaps many of us staying home are eating more than we need.
So, helping won’t only be healthy,
as we’ll receive kilos of happiness.

Let’s cook/donate food products to those who need it
Maybe you’ll even make new friends
with a neighbor you’ve seen often
but never really talked to.


Once you register to cook or donate food products,
we’ll match your zip code
with the people that registered to collect meals or food.
Because we all need to eat.

From people to people.

I’m eating
a bit more than usual
and want to contribute

contribute >

I’m unemployed / layoff
(for now!), and I need

meals >


Let’s support those who want to help. For instance, if you own a retail shop, you can donate vouchers to people cooking meals or giving food.

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Lets Get A Job

There are companies which are crucial to produce goods we all need and cannot stop, otherwise we all do? Laboratories, factories producing hospital equipment, medicines, food, water, electricity, gas, telecomunications, amongst many.

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Host a Hero.

More than ever, Doctors, nurses and many other healthcare personnel need rest and isolation. We will make a difference.

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Host an entrepreneur

There are entrepreneurs that need our help to reinvent themselves.

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Have No Fear

During these challenging times, uppOut is launching for free ‘Disruption Moments.’, a series of online talks under the theme "When things go bad, it is the best to reinvent yourself". Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem to be more afraid of life than death.

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Host a hero’ is an initiative led by uppOut, in the spirit of solidarity, where everyone can help.

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